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Happy Raksha Bandhan 2016 History Wishes Gift - Independence Day Greetings

Happy Raksha Bandhan 2016:

Raksha bandhan is one of the pure and immortal festivals celebrated every year in India. It has been celebrated for times immemorial in India. Every year, on this day, the special bond between a brother and a sister is celebrated. The bond between siblings is like none other. The constant teasing, fighting over stupid things like tv remote, endless bickering, calling each other names, are just some of the defining characteristics of this everlasting bond. But none of them compare to their love and care for each other. They are very protective of each other, keep each other’s secrets, and always save each other’s backs. Rakshabandhan celebrates this very special bond.

Happy Raksha Bandhan 2016 Celebrations

Rakshabandhan is celebrated on the first full moon on hindi month sravana. This year, it will be celebrated on 18 august, 2016. Sisters tie a rakhi (a thread amulet) on their brother’s wrist and pray for their long life and happiness. Brothers make a promise to their sisters to protect them and look after them for lifetime.
Rakhis were generally made of silk with gold and silver threads, beautifully crafted embroidered sequins, and studded with semi precious stones. But these days more and more people use simple and more sophisticated threads, as they know that it is the love that matters, and not the cost of rakhi.  Rakshabandhan name in itself means a bond of protection (raksha means protection). These days, rakshabandhan is generally celebrated by exchanging gifts after tying rakhi.
Rakshabandhan is not meant only for brothers and sisters. Many people who consider their close friends just like their siblings also celebrate rakshabandhan with each other. Many neighbours also tie rakhi to each other. Tying rakhi promotes harmonious relations.

Happy Raksha Bandhan 2016 History & Culture

Rakshabandhan has been celebrated for many centuries. Its very origin can be traced back to medieval times according to many legends in Hindu culture.
The legend of Goddess Laxmi and King Bali is a very popular one. According to this legend, once Lord Vishnu was very pleased with his devotee King Bali for his devotion and thus granted him a boon of immortality and promised heavenly protection for his kingdom. Now, in order to fulfil his promise, Lord Vishnu left his home (Vaikunthdham) and came to stay with King Bali as it was the only way to provide the heavenly protection that he had promised. Soon Goddess Laxmi (wife of Lord Vishnu) visited King Bali in attempt to get his husband back. She came on the Shravan Poornima day disguised as a poor Brahmin lady and tied Rakhi on his wrist. When King Bali tried to give her some present, she revealed her true identity and asked the King to send Lord Vishnu back with her to Vaikunthdham.
Keeping the honour of rakhi, King Bali gave Goddess Laxmi what she wanted. And thus, the day of rakshabandhan was born. Brothers try to fulfill any wish their sisters make along with their blessings.
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